First Atlantic Asset Management Ltd

First Atlantic Asset Management Company Limited looks after investments on a discretionary basis for private clients, their trusts and pension funds and manages portfolios for corporate and charitable institutions, as well as collective (OEIC) funds. The company combines the best industry standards of administration with an investment approach which is distinctive and has proven attractions for private clients.

There are two separate services, one for domestic Ghanaian based clients, and the other for all offshore services particularly relevant to overseas clients.

Our Aim
FAAMCL assesses clients' needs, taking care to understand what will give satisfaction to the client so that his or her assets are looked after accordingly, giving bespoke services to clients, as we are aware of the uniqueness of our clients' needs. We also aim to give our clients a good range of investment products to invest in. Our focus will be on the core areas our other business lines already specialize in i.e. Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Trade Finance etc.

Our Uniqueness
FAAMCL has a dedicated in-house research team which feeds us with pertinent information, investigating thoroughly many of the companies in which we invest. Whereas our competitors aim at providing a comparatively good performance; FAAMCL Capital's aim is to achieve an investment performance which is absolutely satisfactory.