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    Atlantic Cash 

    When your loved ones send you money from overseas, we realize that they sent you more than money. They also send their love and best wishes for you.

    With this in mind, we try to ensure that when you come to receive the money, it’s as if they gave it to you by themselves. Right here, from their own hands.

    Atlantic Cash is available in over 200 locations nationwide.


    Receiving Money

    You can receive money sent from overseas via Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, Small World (Uno), Transfast, Wari at our branches and collection points and partner agencies nationwide.


    Sending Money With Wari or Airtel Money

    You can send money through Wari to friends, loved ones, and business partners from all our branches, collection points and partner agencies nationwide.

    In collaboration with Airtel Money, you can send or receive money through your Airtel Money Wallet which can be linked to your Bank account. Find out more from our Branches or any Airtel Money shop or agency.

    You can now receive money through Unity Link at any of our brances, collection points, and partner agencies nationwide.




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