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    ePayments & eCollections - Let’s Make Your Cash Flow!

     Our advanced ePayments & eCollections platform is designed to ensure that your business is on track with your accounts receivables and payables. You can easily make and receive bulk payments on our flexible and advanced e-payments and e-collections platform. You can also subscribe to our secure and convenient cash pickup or delivery service.


    Once you sign up, you can enjoy the following features:

    ePayments - A Little Help Paying The Bills

    We’ve made paying routine bills easy with our payment and collections platform. You can pay for utility bills such as DSTV, GOtv, Water and Electricity on the platform.


    eCollections - Now Paying

    If you own a retail outlet, online store or a service provider, we could easily set you up as a merchant to enable you to easily receive payments from your customers. Collection options will include account to account or card to account (including Visa or mastercard). Your collections solution can be delivered physically (through POSes*) or through digital applications (e.g. online payments solutions and third party app integrations).

     In all instances, you will enjoy:

    1. Real-time account updates

    2. Collections from multiple locations

    3. Collections for defined and undefined payers

    4. Payments to multiple recipients’

    5. Timely settlements and accurate details

    Please contact any of our branches for further details.

     Note: Your FAB Issued POS accepts the following cards: Mastercard, Visa, AMEX Cards, China Union Pay, Diners Club, eZwich, eTranzact


    Bulk Payments & Collections

    Easily make and receive bulk payments on our flexible and advanced e-payments and e-collections platform


    Remote Cheque Processing

    Remote Cheque Processing enables you to conveniently deposit cheques into your account from your office, saving you time, cutting costs and improving your cashflow.

    Contact us for more details.


    Atlantic Cash Management - Let’s Make Your Cash Flow

    The Atlantic Cash Management service enables you to effectively manage the liquidity of your business. The service includes physical cash collection as well as eCollections and ePayments solutions designed to support you in managing your cash flow.

     We offer highly customized cash management services delivered by a highly dedicated team. Our aim is to move your cash and valuable treasury assets securely from your collection points to your account and from our branches to where you may need cash.

    With a fleet of well-secured vehicles, our specialized team will be available at any time of day to ensure that you have peace of mind where it matters most. You will have no need to worry about burglaries and robbery attacks to and from the Bank or at your business premises.

    We also undertake collections for all events including weddings, funerals, birthday parties, event ticketing, school fee collections etc. This ensures that you can focus on delivering your core services or enjoying the event while our Notifications system provides you realtime updates on your collections/sales volume.


    Domestic Funds Transfer/Standing Orders

    Allows customers to issue instructions to debit their accounts and transfer funds to an account in another bank or in-house.


    Salary Payments

    Facilitates instructions from customers to debit their account and pay salaries of employees in-house or to other banks. 

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