FAB Wins Digital Bank of the Year

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Hi, I am Olugbenga Ogundele

Chief Operating Officer

Olugbenga Ogundele joined First Atlantic Bank as Chief Operating Officer following a successful career with Intercontinental Bank and a stint with Access Bank after its merger with the former. In his more than a decade of core banking experience, Mr. Ogundele has no doubt touched virtually all aspects of contemporary banking, garnering all the rudiments of 21st century professional banking. A Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Banker, he also holds a Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance and an MBA. His banking career started from one of the leading banks in Africa, First Bank of Nigeria Plc before joining Intercontinental Bank Plc.

Olugbenga was appointed a member of the team to establish Intercontinental Bank Ghana Ltd in February 2006 as Chief Inspector. He was one of the pioneering management officers and a key member of the Executive Committee who made significant contributions to the transformation of the Bank into one of the fastest growing Banks in Ghana in 2008 and also the fourth best company in Ghana’s Club 100 in 2011. He served in different capacities before IBG merged its operations with Access Bank in 2012.

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