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Hi, I am Samuel Nii Okine


Samuel Nii Okine is a distinguished financial expert with over a decade of experience spanning various sectors, both domestically and internationally. He has held pivotal roles in Ghana’s banking sector, demonstrating exceptional leadership and strategic insight throughout his career.

With a background in finance and accounting from the University of Ghana, Samuel’s expertise encompasses a wide range of financial markets, including money markets, foreign exchange markets, and bond markets. His tenure at institutions like National Investment Bank Limited, Capital Bank, and Agriculture Development Bank has equipped him with practical experience in asset and liability management, risk management, and fixed income trading.

In addition to his contributions in the banking sector, Samuel has made significant strides in the downstream oil and gas industry. As the Policy, Research & Project Manager at the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, he played a crucial role in shaping policy initiatives and spearheading research projects. His leadership was instrumental in institutionalizing the Oil Forex Market, a milestone achievement that strengthened Ghana’s energy landscape.

Internationally, Samuel served as the Head of Global Market at Bloombank, Sierra Leone, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership in navigating international financial markets and enhancing the bank’s market position.

Currently serving as the Head of Treasury at First Atlantic Bank, Ghana, Samuel continues to showcase his unwavering integrity, strong analytical skills, and deep understanding of banking and treasury products. He is committed to professional development and actively seeks opportunities to stay abreast of emerging trends in the financial industry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Samuel is dedicated to giving back to society through philanthropic initiatives aimed at supporting education, healthcare, and socio-economic development in underprivileged communities. His commitment to excellence, integrity, and teamwork sets him apart as a trusted advisor and influential leader in the financial sector.

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